Deadlands 2016

Adventure Two

Investigating Orville

After retreating from worms we see in the distance a worm with tenticles on it’s mouth breaks through the ground and must be 30’ long.

Cornelius notices what appears to be collars around the worm, with blinking lights.

Getting back to town we to to mining operation to talk to Baron Orville Hopper. He is not there and we are directed to his estate south of town. We talk to a gentleman named Les, who is the Baron’s right hand man.

The party ensures Cornelius this is not happening because of the trees, which don’t happen to be anywhere near here.

We travel to Orville’s estate, south of the rails, huge 3 story mansion completely out of place compared to the town. It has a wrought iron gate around the property and inside it has green grass and tree’s. There is steam stack in the middle of the mansion billowing steam.

Behind the mansion there are two smaller buildings, no windows, single story but each has several smoke stacks. There is a gate at the back of the estate, which looks like it has been used by large wagons.

We ask to see Baron but are instructed to come back at 7 when he is available.

We do walk around estate some more but head back to town.

We learn Cornelius is from Chicago and wanted to go to Rail Days to look for inventions. Specifically for a “remote” for his briefcase.

Cornelius’s gun is called “Blastomatic Bolt Blaster of Goodness” and shoots lightning.
His glove contraption is called “Burst Gauntlet of Goodness” and shoots flames.

Sturdy Sam works for Smith & Sons Transport, going from Salt Lake City to Missouri. he also walks with a limp from an old bullet wound.

Josephine is from Missouri and is traveling out west.

Talking to some people at the Inn/Tavern and Cole does some investigating in the town by himself we learn the following –
1. Les runs the mining guild for the Baron. Baron is rarely around.
2. The town basically has no horses
3. Sheriff Clett – Missing for a month, was investigating the missing houses and disappeared.
4. Three trains in the last month have had unscheduled stops in the same location as ours. Normally trains don’t stop. Baron’s mansion is on opposite of train tracks as town.

We decide something is strange and we go to Les’s house to talk to him. No one is home, we invite ourselves in (not break in…). looking around his house we find a note about train stops and being paid to stop. specifically one is dated as our train with a “one will be on this train” noted at the end.

We also investigate the Sheriff’s office and don’t find much there. Some wanted posters.

We go back to tavern and find out Baron has changed time until 9 AM the next day.

We sleep in several rooms.

Woken up in the middle of the night by Cornelius screaming for help. Men are attempting to kidnap “the scientist”. There are 5 men, one with Cornelius and 4 in the hallway. One at the end has shotgun and seems to be the leader. We defeat them and capture one for questioning.

We take him to Sheriff’s place. We recognize a few of the guys from the wanted posters. Specifically the leader “Left Foot Larry” as a bandit. Bandits have been living in town, waiting to hear from Larry. They kidnap scientists. Give them to Larry. Larry takes them somewhere.



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